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Siu Lum Hak Fu Mun

(& Siu Lum Kune) Club Etiquette

Rules, Regulations And Conduct In The Training Hall

This etiquette applies to all of the clubs within the Siu Lum Kune Association.
Every student must observe the following rules in order to maintain an orderly and effective kwoon (Training Hall).
Please remember that respect works both ways. Respectful students will often apply this etiquette code outside the kwoon as and when it may be appropriate.


1. Upon entering and leaving the kwoon (training hall) bow, if an alter is present, face it when bowing.

2. Bow to Sifu upon forming a line before training and upon forming a line prior to dismissal.

3. Late arrivals must wait to be acknowledged by their Sifu before joining in the class.

4. Bow before and after talking to your Sifu, Si-Gung etc.

5. When Si-Gung (or a senior to the Sifu who is teaching) enters or leaves the kwoon (training hall), the class will stop and bow.

6. Always treat with, and show respect to your Sifu, and higher grades, following all reasonable instructions. (Although a student may disagree with a matter, they should discuss this later with their Sifu once the lesson has finished.)

7. Always set a good example to lower ranking students. It's only natural that they attempt to emulate their seniors.

8. Always maintain harmony amongst all fellow members. Offer helpand support at all times and never betray their trust. (Never bully, miscall or intentionally offend.)

9. Smoking, eating, and drinking are not permitted in the kwoon (training hall).

10. Never to teach or show the association’s arts to outsiders. Only toteach fellow students when clear permission has been given by your Sifu.

11. Always maintain and defend the good name of our association. To act at all times in the interest of the association placing them above your own self-interests. Never allow your conduct to bring the association’s name into disrepute.

12. Never to use your martial arts to injure others unless forced to doso in self-defence or the upholding of law and order.

13. Any open wounds must be covered up. If you have any injuries or are unable to do certain exercises then inform your Sifu at the start ofthe class.

14. Always ensure that nails are cut short, that you have washed before training and that your training suit is always clean and tidy. Sashes are worn to the left for males, and to the right for females. Remove all jewellery before commencing training. (Wedding rings
may be taped up.)

15. Never touch other members training equipment unless invited to do so.

16. Misuse of the art or the breaking of these codes will result in disciplinary action and dismissal from the association.

Conduct Outside The Training Hall

Most of the rules and regulations already stated should also apply outside the kwoon (Training Hall)

1. If you have been invited out to a meal, always allow your seniors to begin before you do. Use chopsticks sensibly and lay them beside your bowl when not eating. At all times behave respectfully.

2.  When visiting other clubs or at events etc, maintain the same rules and codes as you would in your own class. Do not show any martial arts unless invited to do so.