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Sifu Paul Burkinshaw

Sifu Paul Burkinshaw started off in Western boxing before training in Chinese boxing and other martial arts. This included a period of several years in western kickboxing and freestyle, besides traditional Chinese boxing, which he has continuously studied since 1986. During this period Paul has fought in many competitions (full and semi-contact) over the years gaining many wins with various titles over this time. Recent titles include :-

1999 B.C.C.M.A  South East England Champion (Qingda = Chinese kickboxing)
1999 B.C.C.M.A  U.K National Champion (Qingda = Chinese kickboxing)
1999 W.U.M.A  Open National Champion (Open style)
2000 W.U.M.A U.K Open National Champion (Open style)
2000 W.U.M.A British Open Champion (Open style)
2002 B.C.C.M.A  International Champion (Qingda = Chinese kickboxing)
2002 B.C.C.M.A  U.K National Champion (Qingda = Chinese kickboxing)
2003 B.C.C.M.A  U.K National Champion (Qingda = Chinese kickboxing)
2004 B.C.C.M.A  U.K National Champion (Qingda = Chinese kickboxing)

2005 B.C.C.M.A  U.K National Champion (Qingda = Chinese kickboxing)

 2006 Chin Woo World Champion (Qingda = Chinese kickboxing)

Paul then went into retirement so as to concentrate on coaching his students to achieve these results. In 2011, Paul decided to test his abilities and entered the B.C.C.M.A National Championships in Luton. Unfortunately, there was no entries in Paul category so he was forced to enter the heavy weight devision which he won making him...

 2011 B.C.C.M.A National Champion (Qingda = Chinese kickboxing)

This success has also been achieved by many students (children and adults) within the style. (At the 2006 Chin Woo World Championships, 9 of Paul's students also became World Champions) This hopefully goes to prove the effectiveness of our style, coupled with our coaching  system.
In January 2001 Sifu Paul Burkinshaw formally opened Kickboxing (Chinese boxing) classes, at the request of several of his students. Before this date Paul had taught various techniques and tactics, to selected students through the normal Kung Fu classes. Paul used his experience of Western boxing mixed with his martial arts to form the Chinese Kickboxing style. This also had the advantage of attracting new people from outside as well as focusing on his own students fitness and abilities.

Chinese Kickboxing focuses predominantly on the fitness and sparring side of the art. This involves various exercises, self-defence, hand strikes, kicks, sweeps, throws, blocks, bag and pad work as well as sparring. There are no forms or set routines, which can therefore make it easier for some people to learn compared to Kung Fu. The drills, bag work and shadow boxing etc are all performed spontaneously (freestyle) which allows the person to develop their own individual style..


Our kickboxing syllabus contains many of the usual blocks, kicks and hand strikes of other styles as well as bag work. pad work, fitness and body conditioning exercises, self defence techniques, various types of sparring. These different types include :-

Semi-contact points sparring

Semi-contact light continuous sparring

Semi-contact Qingda sparring (Chinese boxing)

Full-contact San Shou sparring (Chinese boxing)

Full-contact Kickboxing

           Full-contact K1

Our students chose for themselves if they wish to do either semi or full-contact sparring, and also again they make the decision whether or not they wish to compete in the various competitions. Some people wish only to train and stay fit which is OK with our coaching staff. (please see results pages for our students success in competitions).

 At our headquarters in Bedworth, we have a fully equiped gym, which includes :-



12ft boxing ring / 8 punch bags of various size & design / 2 Speed Balls / Floor to ceiling ball / Bob punch dummy / various striking and kicking pads.