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Brief History of Andy Docker


Andrew first took up boxing in 1983, and then 1984 that he first tried Lau Gar kung Fu which he later gave up after moving away from the area.

From 1991 -1995 Andrew played football, as goalkeeper in the local area winning many divisional titles, but due to family commitments retired at aged 28. For the next couple of years he took part in little sport until he took up Free-style Kick Boxing at Smorrall Lane community centre. He trained under Sifu H Willcock and trained up to the 5th grade (black was 7th). He competed in many inter club competitions but unfortunately the club closed due to low attendance before he could finish his training.

In 2002 he began training under Siu Lum Kune with Sifu Paul Burkinshaw at Exhall East Community Centre, Hayes Lane Bedworth, where he learned a new style in Chinese kick boxing also semi and full contact sparring. Again family commitments meant he could only train once a week and had to stop after reaching 4th grade in 2004

In 2008 he rejoined Sifu Paul Burkinshaw at the newly built academy in Bedworth to continue the Chinese kick boxing. He was looking to regain fitness and lose weight after ballooning to 19 stone.
Since rejoining Andrew has continued with the kickboxing and has also learned weapons forms. In addition he took up Chinese wrestling (MMA).
Since rejoining in 2008, he has shed 5 stone in weight and much fitter and healthier.

He has competed successfully in BCCMA national championships and won 3 silver medals in Chinese style of semi-contact sparring called Qingda, in the veterans category.
He has also won gold in inter club competitions with various fighting styles.
Andrew is now also currently studying the MMA, submission grappling and has taken his 3rd grading in this discipline.

In September 2011, Andy with two of his class mates achieved his Black sash in Siu Lum Kune kickboxing after a gruelling all day grading.


In July 2013, Andy achieved his 1st Degree Black Sash in Siu Lum Kune Kickboxing.