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Franco Lok (Lok Wah Fai)

Franco is the Martial Arts Executive of our related and friendly association of Siu Lum Hak Fu Mun Wong Cheung Martial Art Association  少林黑虎門益群堂黃祥體育會

Franco started Hark Fu Mun in 1977 at the North Point Youth Centre of "The Hong kong Federation of Youth Groups 香港青年協會(HKFYG)" , which was located at the North Point Community Centre of North Point Estate on Hong Kong Island.  The North Point Estate has since been demolished and is currently an open car park.  This class was on a Monday and a Wednesday evening at 8pm till 10.00pm under the instruction of Wong Yu Ming, Lee Kit Sung and Choi Ming Chun.

During this period Franco also trained under Grandmaster Wong Cheung at his Bute Street gym. Franco had first met Grandmaster Wong at the annual dinner in 1978. At that time, Grandmaster Wong Cheung was also teaching classes at Mong Kok railway station in the daytime and teaching at Bute Street in evening.  At these annual dinners, different styles of Kung Fu associations who’s masters were friends with Wong Cheung would send their representatives to perform routines as a sign of respect. Grandmaster Wong would also attend their annual dinners with several of his Hark Fu Mun students and Franco had continuously performed the lion dance and other routines for years at these events. 

In 1979, Franco was invited by Wong Yiu Ming to coach a martial arts training class at Kwai Fong Youth Centre of "The Hong kong Federation of Youth Groups 香港青年協會(HKFYG)", at Kwai Fong Estate in Kwai Chung. This class was held on Saturday evenings from 8pm till 10pm. In 1982, Kwai Fong Estate was demolished and rebuilt.  The class was relocated to Cho Yu Youth Centre of "The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups 香港青年協會(HKFYG)" , Cho Yu Estate in Kwai Chung. He continued to teach at this venue until 1997.  From 1982 Franco also become a coach of the martial arts training class at the North Point Youth Centre.

In 1983 and 1984 Franco had participated in The Third and Fourth Hong Kong Open Traditional Martial Arts Routine Competition as organised by "The Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Association" and obtained medals. 

In 1997 Franco handed over the running of Cho Yu Youth Centre class to Alan Low. In 2010, through Wong Yiu Ming and Kwan Pak Chuen, Franco was invited to represent Siu Lim Hark Fu Mun to conduct a two hour presentation and demonstration for Hark Fu Mu style martial arts in the "Martial Arts Forum".  This is an open forum organised by "The Hong Kong Wu Shu Union" to promote tradition martial arts to the public. 

Currently, Franco leads the class at the North Point Ferry Pier Playground at North Point on Hong Kong Island. This is the current location of his Hark Fu Mun class which runs on Sunday mornings 9am till 12noon.  From 2010, Franco with the support of the other members of the committee has been involved in several major demonstrations around Hong Kong to increase the public awareness of Hark Fu Mun.  


Since the re-structure of the ‘Siu Lum Hak Fu Mun Martial Art Association’ in 2012, Franco holds the position of the “Martial Arts Executive” within the Association 少林黑虎門益群堂黃祥體育會