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Brief History Of Sifu Alan Low


(Low Shiu Lun)


Alan Low started Hark Fu Mun in 1979 at the age of 19 at the Kwai Fong Youth Centre, which was located on the Kwai Fong Estate and part of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups. He was initially training once a week under Kwan Chung, but would occasionally travel to the North Point Youth Centre which was located at the end of Shu Kuk Street in North Point on Hong Kong Island to train as well. The North Point venue was a very large hall and classes here were on twice a week from 7 till 10pm.

In 1982, Kwan Chung moved the class from Kwai Fong to the Cho Yu Youth Centre. This was located on the ChoYu Estate and was also part of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups. While training at North Point, Alan became good friends with Frano Lok (Lok Wah Fai) and from 1984 would assist him as a coach. It was during this period that Alan entered many competitions testing his abilities winning numerous awards within the HKFYG. He would from time to time train at Grandmaster Wong Cheung’s gym in Bute Street.

Alan also trained with the Lion Dance troupe and was involved in a lot of performances for the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups in various locations around Hong Kong. These performances were mainly for community services or charity events and covered important occasions such as the New Year festival, Middle Autumn festival and Christmas.

From 1991 to 1993, Alan travelled to the UK, studying Civil and Structural Engineering at Sheffield University in England. In the period of time, he organised a Lion Dance troupe which did various performances for the university, the local Chinese Society, local schools and the opening of a department store.

In 1997, Alan became the main coach at the Cho Yu Youth Centre when Franco Lok handed the class over to him. He continued to do Lion Dance performances for the local community while at this venue. In 2002, Alan moved to the Mui Wo Community Centre on Lantau Island until moving in 2010.

Alan relocated the class to the North Point Vehicle Ferry Pier Playground just off Java Road, at North Point on Hong Kong Island. This is the current location of his Hark Fu Mun class running on Sunday mornings 9am till 12noon.


In 2012, the students of Grandmaster Wong Cheung (Wong Cheung Alumni Association) re-structured the association and also renamed it to “Siu Lum Hak Fu Mun Wong Cheung Martial Art Association 少林黑虎門益群堂黃祥體育會”. As part of this restructure, Alan was awarded the position of the “Head Coach”. This role has involved Alan in organising and taking part in numerous martial arts demonstrations over the last few years to promote Hak Fu Mun. Through his contact details on the website, Paul Burkinshaw who is the Head coach of the UK Branch was able to email Alan and re-establish links in January 2013. Paul and his student Robert Buckler were invited to the Annual Commemorative Dinner in March 2013. During their visit to Hong Kong, Alan and Franco Lok took time off work to accompany and share Hak Fu Mun with their brothers from the UK.

In April 2013, while on a business trip to England, Alan spent four days with Paul Burkinshaw at his academy in Bedworth. Most of his time with the UK association was spent practicing routines including Single Elbow, Hak Fu Mun Dummy (first part), Iron Wire, Short Staff, Lion Dance etc. Alan also gave advice and demonstrations to UK members who were preparing for a traditional competition. Alan has been instrumental during 2013 and 2014 in building up closer and strong ties with the UK Branch. Alan and Franco again took time off from the work to accompany Paul and several of his students during their visit to Hong Kong in March 2014 and April 2015 for the Annual Dinner.

Please Contact Alan via - http://www.ykwcaa.com/