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How to Join

Siu Lum Hak Fu Mun 

(Black Tiger)Kung Fu


If you are interested in joining our Kung Fu classes, then please come along to one of our classes and have a free trail lesson. Due to insurance requirements we are only allowed this one session for potential students to make a decision.


After the free trial lesson if you decide to join then there is a membership form to fill out, and a one off registration fee of £30.


The £30 registration fee covers:-

Life membership

Licence book

Club info booklet


One years insurance cover (future insurance is paid for by us, by putting part of your monthly training fee to one side to cover the following year)


Training fees are paid on a monthly basis, and are as follows:-


£34 per month for 2 lessons per week.

(this is per calander month due on the 1st of each month)

£40 per month for students that wish to train more than twice per week. (Higher grades of Green sash and above also pay the £40 fee to cover the higher grades class. This also includes all the other styles of Kickboxing and or Grappling as well as Kung Fu. ie train as much as you wish)