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Robert Buckler

Robert Buckler has been training in Shaolin Black Tiger Kung Fu for nearly twenty years.  Training as a student and instructor for Sifu Paul Burkinshaw.  Robert is currently a 1st Degree Black Sash and has won numerous national titles in traditional Chinese weapons, open hand forms and fighting disciplines.

Robert  began training under Sifu Paul Burkinshaw in January 2000.  Robert found Paul Burkinshaw's SFCBA after researching local clubs that could offer traditional Chinese martial arts.

Robert entered Club and National competitions achieving notable success in Sparring and Traditional Forms events.  Robert also attended numerous seminars that SIfu Paul organised including Monk Spade, Chi Gung, Double Daggers, Twin Axes, Iron Rod, Horse Bench and others.


Robert Buckler performing Kam Kong Fist at BCCMA National Championships 2009

Robert Buckler training in Hong Kong with his Black Tiger Elders 2013

Robert attended many B.C.C.M.A. coaching courses and has achieved level 2 standard in this area.  In 2003 Sifu Paul Burkinshaw invited Robert to become an Inner Chamber Disicple of the association as recognition of Robert's dedication to the club.  The invitation was graciously accepted by Robert and cemented in a ceremony in late 2003.  In August 2005 Robert achieved his Black Sash grade following a grueling 9 hour grading with Sifu Paul Burkinshaw.   


Sifu Paul Burkinshaw awarding Robert Buckler
with his Black Sash certificate.

In 2005 Robert travelled to China with Sifu Paul Burkinshaw and many of the Association's students.  Whilst in China Robert trained with Master Chen Lie as well as visiting the Shaolin Temple in Honan, the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and numerous other locations.

In 2006 Sifu Paul Burkinshaw and Robert travelled to Mong Kok, Hong Kong to meet and train with students of GM Wong Cheung's Black Tiger Association.  Following months of research Sifu Paul and Robert met with Eric Tsai at GM Wong Cheung's Bute Street Home and Gym (now sadly closed).  Whilst in Mong Kok Sifu Paul and Robert reaffirmed the association's links to this rare Black Tiger System.  It is believed that Master Bob Johnson trained with GM Wong Cheung in Hong Kong and that the core of Sil Lum Kune is based on the tiger techniques of GM Wong Cheung.

Robert Buckler & Eric Tsai at GM Wong Cheung's Gym
Bute Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong

Robert and Sifu Paul Burkinshaw - Victoria Peak, Hong Kong, 2006

In 2007 Sifu Paul Burkinshaw and Robert travelled to El Paso, Texas in the USA to meet and train with Sil Lum Hark Fu practioner Sifu Jerry Davis and his teacher, Eric Wu who orginally trained with GM Wong Cheung in Hong Kong before relocating to the US.  Whilst in El Paso Sifu Paul and Robert trained in various Black Tiger conditioning techniques as well as the 2 Man and Cane forms.  


Eric Wu and Robert - El Paso, USA, 2007


In January 2010 Robert was awarded his 1st Degree Black Sash, and later that year was presented with a traditional trophy for ten years training, commitment and  dedication to the association.

Sifu Paul Burkinshaw Presenting Robert with
his 10 Year Training Award December 2010

In late 2012, Robert helpped Sifu Paul Burkinshaw establish contact with the Siu Lum Hak Fu Mun branch in Hong Kong after they had just set up an English language website. Robert travelled with Paul to Hong Kong in April 2013 to attend the annual dinner and also trained in the style while there. When Alan Low came to the UK later in 2013, Robert took time off from his work so that he could be with Alan during his visit.

Over the years Robert has been a great help and benefit to the association giving up much of his time to establish and maintain a website, as well as numerous other techniqical support issues that have arose.



Qualifications and Achievements

Sil Lum Hark Fu Mun  Black Sash Awarded August 2005


Sil Lum Hark Fu Mun First Degree Awarded January 2010

B.C.C.M.A. National Coach Level 2


Sil Lum Kune National Coach


B.C.C.M.A. British Championships Gold Medal Winner 2002


B.C.C.M.A. British Championships Gold Medal Winner 2003


B.C.C.M.A. British Championships Gold Medal Winner 2004


B.C.C.M.A. British Championships Bronze Medal Winner 2005


B.C.C.M.A. British Championships Gold Medal Winner 2007


B.C.C.M.A British Championships Silver Medal Winner 2010 - Traditional Southern Open-hand Form (Adult)

B.C.C.M.A British Championships Bronze Medal Winner 2010 -Traditional Southern Short Weapon (Adult)

B.C.C.M.A British Championships Bronze Medal Winner 2013 -Traditional Southern Short Weapon (Adult Advanced)

B.C.C.M.A British Championships Bronze Medal Winner 2013 -Traditional Southern Long Weapon (Adult Advanced)


Amateur Martial Arts Association Insured


B.C.C.M.A. Public Liability Insured


St Johns Ambulance First Aid Certificate