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Brief History Of Sifu Eric Tsai


Eric Tsai started his martial arts career at the age of 14 in 1978 in the style of Hak Fu Mun (Black Tiger Gate). This was at a Youth Centre in North Point on Hong Kong Island run by Sifu Wong Yau Ming. Unfortunately in 1979 Sifu Wong Yau Ming left Hong Kong, moving to Singapore due to work commitments. Luckily the club was maintained by Eric’s Di Si Hing, Lee Kit Sang and Si Hing, Choi Ming Chun. Eric would train twice a week at this club as well as doing various exercises and conditioning drills at home. Sometimes Eric would also go to Grandmaster Wong Chueng’s gym in Mong Kok to train. During 1987 Eric spent several months at the Mongkok gym studying the 9 Arm Grinder Dummy under Grandmaster Wong himself.
Unfortunately in 1988 the club at North Point closed due to the building being redeveloped. This also coincided with new work and study commitments for Eric and so he was forced to take a break from regular Kung Fu lessons. Eric had went to Grandmaster Wong Cheung’s funeral in 1989 at Hung Hom on Kowloon side. After the funeral in Hong Kong several of the senior students then made the arrangements for Grandmaster Wong’s body to be taken back to Punyu, Canton (his place of birth) to be buried there. Eric was then involved in several of the Annual dinner get-togethers between 1990 and 1994.
In late 1995 Eric started to do some boxing training but was forced to stop 6 months later when his work took him to Shanghai, returning back to Hong Kong in 1997. From 1996 to 1999 family commitments and pressure at work with the change over of Hong Kong from Britain back to China left Eric with no time for outside interests such as Black Tiger. Due to the previous three years of immense pressure from work, Eric decided to quit his job and take a new job that would allow him to have more free time to spend with his family and take up Kung Fu again.
In 2002 Eric feared that Hak Fu Mun may be lost and so developed his website promoting the art. During 2002 an old student of Grandmaster Wong noticed the website. This was Eric Wu who had left Hong Kong in 1970’s to live in the U.S.A. Later that year while in Hong Kong Eric Wu met up with Eric Tsai. Eric Wu informed him of his student, Jerry Davis in Texas, U.S.A who was also interested in preserving Hak Fu Mun. Eric Tsai and Jerry Davis then set up the Black Tiger Association to promote the style and encourage other ex-members to get together and preserve Hak Fu Mun. This website also encouraged Stanley Ho, who now lives in Canada to get in touch as well.
It was in 2002 that Eric started to teach publicly, opening a class, teaching at Victoria Park in Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island. In 2004 the class then moved to a roof terrace area at the Mong Kok Commercial Building, Argyle Street, Mong Kok. Then in June 2005 the class moved once again to Kwun Tong. A good friend of Eric’s called Mr Andy Leung teaches Hung Gar and Tai Chi Mantis and has his own gym at Kwun Tong and this is where Eric moved the class
During the past several years Eric has also studied other styles of martial arts such as Wu and Yang Tai Chi during 2001, Hung Gar and Tai Chi Mantis (from Mr. Andy Leung) in 2002, Chen Tai Chi in 2003 and some Brazilian Jujitsu during 2005. Eric moved to Sydney, Australia (3 of his senior students will maintain the class in Hong Kong) in January 2007.
Sifu Paul Burkinshaw and Sifu Eric Tsai
at Grandmaster Wong's Gym, Mong Kok, Hong Kong

In February 2008 Eric returned to Hong Kong to visit his students and ensure that they were making progress in their own training. 


When he returned back to Sydney, Australia, he started new classes teaching Hark Fu Mun in Sydney. He used Eastwood Park on a Saturday morning as one venue and he was also involved with the local Chin Woo association.





Eric continued to build up his association in Sydney with two of his senior students becoming instructors and also running classes in Hark Fu Mun. By mid 2012, Eric had handed over the running of his class to his highest ranking student, Sam Sou, and now only teaches his senior students on a one to one basis.


Eric ‘s other senior student is Shingo Miyauchi, who opened up a class teaching Hark Fu Mun at the University of New South Wales, Sydney in 2013.