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Lion Dance At The Healthy Living Show

Recently Sil Lum Kune were invited to demonstrate their skills and perform the Lion Dance at the Healthy Living Show in Birmingham. The Healthy Living Show is an event attended by complementary therapists of all denominations from all over the UK and is a very prestigious event in the complementary therapy calendar. In our capacity as both martial artists and complementary practitioners, exhibiting at the Healthy Living show is essential to showcase our skills; they attract interest not just from people in the therapy community but also the general public.

The atmosphere is one of serenity with practitioners demonstrating and practicing different therapies from Alexander Technique and Bowen Treatment, to Clairvoyants and Crystals. There were also vendors selling a variety of lotions and potions, Hopi ear candles, books, crystals and gift items. Visitors come from all round to try different treatments or purchase anything from books to massage couches, water to rocks!

You may wonder what martial arts has to do with complementary therapies but the skill and control of the martial arts has close ties with the essence of complementary therapy. Therapy whether it be complementary, integrated, holistic or alternative are all about making a person feel good about themselves, both mentally and physically. Martial arts when studied correctly and with commitment is the development of the mind, body and soul.

Students of Sil Lum Kune are given the opportunity to train not just in the basic skills, such as forms and stances but to cover aspects such as breathing (Qi Gong), massage, weapons and the Lion Dance. It was difficult to put on a demonstration in the room set to one side, as the space was severely restricted, instead Kevin Redgrave and Alexandra Hyde led a seminar on control. The seminar should have lasted 40 minutes; it went on for over an hour as the two discussed different aspects of martial arts with many questions from the audience. This was interspersed with demonstrations of short forms, stances, strength exercises, breathing exercises and self-defence techniques.

The highlight of Sil Lum Kune’s presence at the show was to present the Lion Dance on both days of the show; regrettably the drummer wasn’t available on the first day, so they were unable to perform until the Sunday.

The venue is split into 2 main halls with 3 further sections leading off and within the halls there were over 100 exhibitors, before they started several stall holders requested that the Lion went up to their stands to clear any negative spirits.

The Drumming began reverberating around the halls, exhibitors stopped in their tracks and leapt on to chairs to view the spectacle; others abandoned their stands grabbing camera’s as they did so.

The awakening began before the doorway to the main hall, with the lion snapping his jaws at the doorway before hopping through into the main hall. After the lion had eaten his tainted vegetable and regurgitated it, he sat down surveying the crowds around him, with a scratch of his ear, he leapt to his feet and performed the dance around all the halls and corridors of the show, jumping and leaping, snapping at the doorways prior to entry, sitting when he needed a rest and performing to the crowds and exhibitors for a full 15 minutes.

When the dancers had made their final bow many people rushed to the Association’s stand to thank the dancers and say how it had lifted them. Several exhibitors said that it really cleared the air and they had so much trade afterwards they rather wished we’d been there Saturday too! One exhibitor took some brilliant photos with her digital camera and kindly sent them on after the show.

As complementary practitioners we find these events essential to raise awareness of our therapies and courses that we run from our centre in Coventry. We are able to treat chronic pain and sporting injuries as well numerous psychological and physiological disorders such as stress and anger management. Each therapist has specialist skills such as Holistic, Sports and Remedial Massage, Kinesiology and KaiAmea that works with energy within the body of the patient.

For those of you who are now sitting there thinking ‘What?’ the nearest comprehensible therapy would be Reiki. For those of you who have studied Qi Gong you may understand it a little better. When practicing Qi Gong correctly, the palms of your hands will heat up and the outer extremities of your body will begin to tingle, that is your natural energy, the KaiAmea Practitioners are able to work with this energy so that it becomes a powerful healing force both mentally and physically. Ask anyone who has been treated and they will verify the power of the KaiAmea Practitioners.

All in all the event was a 100% success raising awareness of our Centre and therapies and of the Association, Sil Lum Kune, but above all the story of the Lion Dance.

Written by Alexandra Hyde. Student of Sil Lum Kune