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Lion Dance N.E.C. Birmingham 2004


On Monday 6th September, the Sil Lum Kune Lion Dance team travelled to the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham to perform a Lion Dance.

As part of the Autumn Fair that was held at the NEC, a showcase was put on for Name Brands of China. This was organised by the Ministry of Commerce for the Peoples Republic of China in an effort to enhance the trade relations between China and the European Union.


For this event, Sil Lum Kune had two Lions performing. The teams performed two dances on the day. The dances started with both Lions asleep in front of the entrance to the exhibition hall. As the drums started the lions slowly woke up and started to clean themselves; before bowing to the entrance of the hall as a sign of respect. The our white and blue lion then paraded away along the corridors approaching the exhibition hall. The red and gold lion performed the dance 'lion eats the snake' before also parading along the corridors to attract visitors to the exhibition.

After a short break, the team performed a second dance. This second dance was much longer and consisted mainly of parading along the corridors and outside the entrance to the exhibition hall whilst awaiting the arrival of the dignitaries. When the dignitaries came out of the VIP area, both lions turned to face them and bowed to greet them.



The Sil Lum Kune Lion dance team are: Sifu Paul Burkinshaw, Dan Amphlett, Alex Hyde, Kevin Redgrave, Samantha Davis, Charlotte Burkinshaw, David Richardson, Cameron Burkinshaw, Callum Burkinshaw.