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Little Tiger Program

(First started this program as Little Ninja's, but from 2010 we changed the name to show that we are different from the more commercial clubs that charge double our fees)


NB. All of our instructors have achieved National Coaching qualifications, have been Police checked, are fully insured and have First Aid training.


Our little Tiger program is for the younger child between 4 to 7/8 years old. It covers basic martial arts as well as various games and drills. This program has been designed to be a taster or stepping stone to the more traditional classes. We still aim to instil discipline, confidence, respect, teamwork skills, and temper control in a fun, friendly and less rigid environment than the more formal pure martial arts classes.


The drills and games that are mixed in to the class keep the childs interest, which then helps them learn the martial arts and associated skills. Our syllabus includes the basic stances, blocks, kicks and hand strikes found in all styles of the martial arts. Our main goal is that these classes are not only fun and friendly but well controlled ensuring all the childrens safety.


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Bulkington class

 bulkotigers1  bulkotigers2




Although this program teaches basic martial arts, the real benefits are control, respect and discipline, which is a bonus to all of our children.


Cian Newey (5yrs old) performing box-splits
at Bedworth class 2010