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Shaun Gaines Biography

Shaun started his career with Boxing in 1991 at the age of 23 at a local A.B.A club in Alnwick. After a period of time Shaun was invited to help coach the juniors in the boxing club. Until the present day Shaun has maintained his training in Boxing as well as studying the martial arts.

During the 1990’s Shaun qualified as a swimming instructor and personal training. In 1999 Shaun started to train in Kickboxing with a local Freestyle club where he learned the basics of Kickboxing. In January 2000 Shaun was awarded a Diploma in Fitness and Nutrition after studying a course through the ICS Learning Centre. In February 2000 Shaun travelled to London to take part in an instructors training course in Kick Aerobics.

In late 2000 Shaun contacted Sifu Paul Burkinshaw with an interest in the Chinese Boxing and about joining his association. Paul invited Shaun down to Coventry to sample the Chinese style and discuss the matter further. Shaun was impressed with Paul’s knowledge and understanding of the arts and decided to join Sil Lum Kune. Shaun then began an Instructors training course.
In 2001 Shaun was invited to attend a B.C.C.M.A Level 2 Coach Course which he attained as part of Paul’s instructor training program. Under Paul’s guidance Shaun acquired more experience and progressed in the Chinese Boxing achieving his Black Sash grade on 31st May 2003.
Shaun has competed in the BCCMA UK National championships at Qingda sparring and has so far been UK champion in 2003, 2004 & 2005. Shaun has also tried his hand at full-contact San Shou and came 4th at the 2004 BCCMA UK championships and 3rd at the BCCMA Northern championships.
During 2005 Shaun has started to also train in the Chinese Wrestling with Paul. During the latter half of 2005 Shaun also achieved his BCCMA Level 3 in coaching.

In 2011 after 11 years with Sil Lum Kune Kickboxing, Shaun decided to set up his own club called Long Zhanshi Chinese for cage warrior. The club is an adults and competitive athletes only covering the various disciplines of MMA, submission fighting, San Shou, K1 and boxing. The main thrust of the club is MMA with professional fighters in the stable. The club also does promotions called Team inferno run by Ryan Copland one of the pro fighters with the objective to promote MMA in the North East with good quality shows and fair match ups. The club has also developed it's own syllabus focusing on San Shou with the aim of developing good San Shou fighters with a solid skill foundation in punching , kicking and takedowns. 

         Shaun and the club still decided to come under the umbrella of Sil Lum Kune because of it's experience, knowledge and pedigree in Chinese Martial Arts. Shaun also believes San shou is the best striking based sport to develop fighters for MMA so Sil Lune Kunes knowledge in San Shou will valuable.
Currently, Shaun has classes at both the Willowburn Sports & Leisure Centre in Alnwick and at the Community Sports Development Centre in Amble most nights of the week.