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 Sarinder Singh

Sarinder Singh started his martial arts career under Sifu Dave Porter and Sifu Paul Burkinshaw in late 1990 in Freestyle / Kickboxing at the Mercia Sporting club in Coventry. Part of the syllabus to achieve black belt included Mongolian and Chinese wrestling, which Paul taught from John Holden’s Shaolin Fist Chinese Boxing Association. He eventually achieved his black belt in this Freestyle / Kickboxing style in October 1993, under the testing instructor and former world semi-contact champion Alfie Lewis. At the start of the Black Belt grading, Alfie Lewis addressed the students stating that the root of Martial arts is self-defence and the importance of developing the ground-fighting base of the free style practitioner. 
It was this point and Sarinder’s brief experience in the wrestling that took him to the grappling arts. Sarinder knew that the majority of street fights ended up on the ground and that in order to become a balanced martial artist he needed to learn both striking and grappling components. Hence, he moved on from Freestyle / Kickboxing to Judo and started to attend Neil Adam’s judo classes from 1993 to 1996 achieving Green belt. The belt system was not as important to Sarinder as the learning of new skills, experiences, and developing a neglected aspect of his understanding of the martial arts. 
During this time Sarinder realised that Judo concentrated on grappling with the gi (jacket) and he thought it would be important for self-defence to learn techniques from the no gi grappling systems. He regularly then attended Olympic Wrestling classes at the Birmingham Sports Centre. This was excellent training and gave a different experience of grappling without gripping clothing. Although his grappling ability was developing he felt that the system lacked submissions. Therefore, he looked to other grappling arts such as Gracie Jujitsu to complement his desire to learn more submissions. He attended the seminars given by Carley Gracie, Marco Ruas and other Brazilian Jujitsu practitioners to develop a more comprehensive range of techniques from these outstanding practitioners. It was also during this period that Sarinder trained with Jeff Thompson’s submission grappling style gaining more realistic and practical experience.
In 2000 Sarinder got back in touch with Sifu Paul Burkinshaw who had now built up his own association to share his knowledge of the wrestling and grappling that he had learnt. Over the next few years Sarinder shared his experiences with Sil Lum Kune through seminars and monthly visits to classes.
During 2003 to 2004 Sarinder assisted Paul and Dan Amphlett to integrate his Knowledge of ground fighting experience into Mongolian and Chinese Wrestling already used, and so formulating a more comprehensive Chinese Wrestling syllabus. During the latter part of 2004 Sarinder, Paul and David Richardson spent many months then testing out the practicality of this syllabus before achieving their goal of a Sil Lum Kune Chinese Wrestling syllabus and classes opening in January 2005.